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Torba Mahallesi, İnönü Caddesi No: 66 Torba Bodrum 48400 Muğla, Turkey


Come sail the Aegean Seas on our luxurious and fine craftsmanship gulets, both which feature expert crew and exceptional artwork. For the 2015 season we will our itineraires include cruising the Turkish shores and Greek Islands. Let us know if you would like us to create an itinerary for you and/or with you. Both gulets sleep 10 people (5 bedrooms/5 bathrooms. Click on CDAII to explore more.

When To Sail

Anytime of year from May to November is perfect sailing. The most popular period when the great majority of holidaymakers like to come and sail in our waters – the high season – occurs during the months of July and August. This, of course, coincides with the customary school vacation time, when many families want to spend quality time together, and what better way to do that than going on a cruise and jointly share every exciting moment.
While the high season is favored by many, there are also good reasons to prefer other times of the year for your cruising enjoyment. For one, it is more economical since the market forces of supply and demand work in the customer’s favor. Also, for those who have a yen for solitude, there is more likelihood that you will find privacy and tranquility in the attractive coves and bays bound to be quite frequented in high season.
The average air and water temperatures given here below in bar form for the seven-month period in which visitors are usually most interested show that for the normally sensitive person nearly any time is suitable for a holiday at sea in our region. Spring, summer and autumn, well into November you can thoroughly enjoy life aboard M/S Casa dell’Arte, while we usually reserve the winter for maintenance, refurbishing and any necessary repairs after a busy season.