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Highlight of April//Home

Ali Kazma, Home, video.

Our highlight of this month is a work by Ali Kazma (b. 1971, Istanbul).

Füsun Onur enters Casa dell’Arte’s Collection. She enters the collection through a very special door, opened to her and hold wide open by video artist Ali Kazma, with his video entitled Home.

Füsun Onur’s home is completely part of her art. Her art is her life and her life is her art. And the text by Emre Baykal, director of Arter, in the catalog dedicated to Füsun Onur’s solo show at Arter in 2014 begins with a description of the artist’s home, first from “Outside”, then form “Inside”.

“It was Füsun who opened the door. I found myself frozen in bewilderment.” Tea time for Emre Baykal : “The porcelain tea service patterned with bouquets of crimson flowers are set – in their usual order – on the white-clothed, iron-legged table in the hall. Was it the smell of the cinnamon buns, the homemade cookie’s … or was it the astonishing jumble of things invading this house with their colors, forms, smells and sounds that made me feel so dizzy, I couldn’t figure out for a while… In their blackened silver bowl, roses, violets and chrysanthemums. … Porcelain crystal, glass, wood, lace, silver, mother-of-pearl, feather, satin and velvet assume myriads shapes and forms, creating a peaceful crowd that fills up the vitrine cupboards, sideboards, coffee tables and shelves, manifesting in diverse sizes, colors, patterns, variety and times”. By reading Emre Baykal, I feel I am taken by his hand and visiting this Home with him.

Ali Kazma entered the same Home, and got as inspired by Füsun Onur’s world as Emre Baykal. He also takes us by his hand, by his gaze, and has us visit this Home as we would visit an island. We now see what Emre Baykal is describing, we can even smell the cinnamon with our eyes, and through the windows listen to the whisper of the sea that is sparkling all around this Home – or is it a personal museum, personal but also shared, intimate but also open, work in progress and life-long creation… This Home is more than a home and Ali Kazma’s talent opens us the door the art, to Turkey, to an exceptional woman’s work and keeps us bewildered: the clock is ticking but the time has stopped.

Ali Kazma’s video Home will be on display this summer at Casa dell’Arte in Bodrum, as a best of essence of Turkish art.

Barbara Polla