Ana Sayfa

Bize Ulaşın

Torba Mahallesi, İnönü Caddesi No: 66 Torba Bodrum 48400 Muğla, Turkey


A collection acquires meaning through sharing,
hidden in a basement it is of no value
The Buyukkusolgu family collection; put together piece by piece
over years is now on display for the guests of Casa dell’Arte

Our accommodations combine the passion of art and the love of holiday. Explore The Residence if you are looking for more of a sophisticated romantic getaway, here you will experience a night in the museum, but with the care and comfort of being in a collector’s home. There are 12 rooms showcasing masterful art collections and inspirational art openings and activities, and a private pool, beach and jetty. No children under thirteen are permitted.

Casa Hermanas & Private Villa are perfect for art enthusiasts and their families to experience a dream vacation filled with everything a summer getaway has to offer in a beautiful and comfortable architectural setting enriched with art. The resort radiates an irresistible charm that engages both adults and children, thanks to its genuinely family-minded and resourceful staff, dining options and recreational amenities.

For those who prefer a blue castaway vacation, come on board our two yachts and experience the finer side of the luxury life while sailing the turquoise seas along the Turkish shores or Greek Islands. Our yachts offer a five-star service to meet the guests every need with an experienced captain and crew.