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Torba Mahallesi, İnönü Caddesi No: 66 Torba Bodrum 48400 Muğla, Turkey



Bodrum, Turkey: One of the prominent artists of Turkish art, Prof. Hüsamettin Koçan’s exhibition ‘Shadow’ will be on view at Casa dell’Arte in Bodrum/ Torba between 18 July-12 August.  The exhibition will consist of his recent paintings and sculptures in which he used combinations of different techniques and materials. The opening event of the exhibition will be held on July 28, Tuesday. [...]



Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure Unveils Turn Your Holiday into a Masterpiece - A New Season of Delights, Treats, Arts and Experiences

Bodrum, Turkey - Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure is unveiling a Turn Your Holiday into a Masterpiece canvas - one of infusing art, creative activities and delicious dining on each seafront property; in a relaxing, authentic style with the premiere of its new art acquisitions, restaurants, kids club, music lessons, women entrepreneurs and more. Casa dell’Arte offerings and activities provide the means to Turn Your Holiday into a Masterpiece [...]

As seen in Artful Living : Casa dell’Arte Artist Residency Program

The 6th Casa dell’Arte Artist Residency Program will be organized between April 13th and May 16th in Bodrum. The participants of the program are Mahmut Aydın, who won the 2014 Rotary Young Artist Scholarship and whose works had been displayed at the Elgiz Museum Terrace Exhibitions; Aslı Dinç, Ayşegül Karakaş and Deniz Yılmazlar, the artists of the online contemporary art platform, endeavoring for gathering the young artists and the collectors under the same roof; and Elif Kahveci, whose works had been displayed at Mamut Art Projects Exhibition. [...]

Highlight of March// Adnan Turani

Adnan Turani, Untitled, 100×100 cm. Oil on canvas.

The highlight of this month is a painting by Adnan Turani (b. 1925, Istanbul) of two women, who are musicians playing their instruments in an indoor setting.

In this painting dominated by pastel colors, one of the women stands upright in the far left playing her violin. The other woman sits in front of a large piano with her back turned to us, the viewers. [...]

Barbara Polla selects two female artists from our collection in celebration of Women’s Day

İnci Eviner, Untitled. 150×200 cm.Oil on canvas. Nilbar Güreş, Victory, 2010. 110×152 cm. Mixed Media on paper.

Is this a painting of a break- up? A first date, or is it a dream?

İnci Eviner is an artist who is internationally acknowledged while Nilbar Güreş is considered as an outstanding figure of the young artistic Turkish scene. Both work on gender issues, but while Nilbar Güreş is very engaged with these issues in what we could call a “close combat”, İnci Eviner has gained more distance, considering women as Citizen – all of us – all having to resist power somehow, even if us as women, we do even more so, given our gender, in some parts of the world. [...]