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Summer Turkish Fine Art Exhibitions by The Art Department at Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Art & Leisure

Bodrum, Turkey - Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure is delighted to announce our summer exhibition program. We will host the following Turkish fine artists at The Residence, in addition to the Büyükkuşoğlu Family Collection on display:

17 May-17 June, 6th Art Residency Exhibition: This year’s selected artists are: Aslı Dinç, Ayşegül Karakaş, Deniz Yılmazlar, Mahmut Aydın and Elif Kahveci. The exhibition, titled ‘Never Let Me Go’, is the culmination of five weeks of work undertaken by the artists from different parts of Turkey who are successful in sculpture, painting, photography and video.

15 June-30 September, Bayram Candan: There will be a dedicated area of works from this late sculptor whose work arises from a feeling of urgency to freeze in sculpture a "single moment" of quotidian objects and people which will never again be seen in that particular size, color, vitality and freshness. The featured works are mainly from the exhibition "There Is A Strike At This Establishment", in which he touches on how little control individuals have over their bodies, their lives and their labor with a tongue-in-cheek approach through a character named 'Ayşe', a very common Turkish female name. 

21 June-15 JulyKadir Akorak: Prominent architect and painter, known for his poetic and fantasy paintings. Akorak’s paintings receive their subject matter from his own life, from his inner world and memories. In his paintings, he represents his own recollections and creates dreamlike compositions.

19 July-12 AugustHüsamettin Koçan: One of Turkey’s distinguished artists whose works  are influenced by Anatolian culture: myths, symbols, shamanism, disruption, sight and disguise are all the concepts he uses in his artworks. 

15 August-31 OctoberÖzlem Paker, Seçil Erel and Nezih Çavuşoğlu: A multidisciplinary artist, Özlem Paker, seeks to find the balance between the material reality and spiritual fiction. Seçil Erel, oscillates between the borders of mathematics, geometry, land surveying, architecture and painting, in her works, she represents an outcome of an interdisciplinary research to the viewer. Nezih Çavuşoğlu, the unique technique he uses while producing his total abstract paintings attract both the visual taste and perception of the viewer. 


About Casa dell’Arte Hotel of Arts & Leisure 

Casa dell’Arte Hotel of Arts & Leisure was created by one of Turkey’s leading art collecting families, the Büyükkuşoğlu’s. The hotel consists of three one-of-a-kind luxury properties and two yachts in Bodrum, Turkey.  Each Casa dell’Arte property embraces the brand’s Turn Your Holiday into A Masterpiece philosophy to reflect the passion and love for the arts, luxury, sea and creative activities. Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure include, The Residence (private art collection on display; no children under twelve permitted), Private Villa, Luxury Family Resort and our two yachts, Casa dell’Arte I and II. The Art Department by Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure is responsible for curating the collection and organizing the artist exhibitions. 

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