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Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure Unveils Turn Your Holiday into a Masterpiece - A New Season of Delights, Treats, Arts and Experiences

Bodrum, Turkey - Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure is unveiling a Turn Your Holiday into a Masterpiece canvas - one of infusing art, creative activities and delicious dining on each seafront property; in a relaxing, authentic style with the premiere of its new art acquisitions, restaurants, kids club, music lessons, women entrepreneurs and more.  Casa dell’Arte offerings and activities provide the means to Turn Your Holiday into a Masterpiece. 

DINING: NINU, for epicurean tastes and Casa Frida Beach Club, for Bistro Style

Located at The Residence section, NINU’s menu is characterized by inventive combinations of new and traditional Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. Executive Chef/Partner Bengi Kayhan creates with the quality and diversity of local produce, meats, fish and dairy by employing different techniques of many cooking cultures and an unwavering commitment to flawless execution. 

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Casa Frida Beach Club is located at the Luxury Family Resort section. Featuring a new menu that offers a wide array of delicious dishes grilled to perfection on Hecha cast iron cookware for both adults and children to enjoy. Throughout the season Yağız İzgül, founder of Hecha, will be making guest chef appearances.  

ART: Artist Residency, Acquisitions and Exhibitions

In addition to the recently completed 6th Artist Residency program and exhibition, there will be a  seasonal exhibition of Bayram Candan, solo exhibitions of Kadir Akorak and Hüsammettin Koçan and a group exhibition featuring artists: Özlem Paker, Nezih Çavuşoğlu and Seçil Erel. This summer the new acquisitions from the following contemporary artists will be on display at The Residence: Ahmet Elhan, Ali Elmacı, Ali Kazma, AylinZaptçıoğlu, Bayram Candan, Cenk Akaltun, Mat Collishaw, Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Ümmühan Yörük. 

CREATIVE ACTIVITIES: Piano & Violin Lessons and Art Workshops

For musicians who wish to keep up with their practise or those who wish to spawn a new interest - we present on site piano & violin lessons. Didem Argüden, owner of 37 Art Center, an Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music will be bringing her services to the hotel.  

Art workshops by on site artists will start 1 June. From Monad, a sculptor from Seattle; Ash, a pottery maker from Istanbul; and other international artists who will be offering art workshops from painting to sculpture. If you or someone you know would like to take part in becoming a visiting On site Artist, please send your portfolio and inquiry to Sena Bagcilar at

KIDS ACTIVITIES: Bardabas Kids Club 

Introducing the Bardabas Kids Center at the Luxury Family Resort,  Bardabas activities use easily accessible materials, aiming to increase children’s creativity, dexterity, and support their development. Here children will discover new techniques, create personal holiday souvenir items and collect ever-lasting summer memories. 

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Arya: Women’s Investment Platform

Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter, owner of Casa dell’Arte and founder of Arya: Women’s Investment Platform, has selected several Turkish women entrepreneurs to host their businesses at the hotel facilities. In addition to NINU and Bardabas, Serter has brought Tukutukum, JuSpa, Tina Jewelry, Muzipo gym and Ash pottery to the establishment. 

About Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure:

Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure manages three one-of-a-kind luxury properties and two yachts in Bodrum, Turkey. Each Casa dell’Arte property embraces the brand’s Turn Your Holiday into A Masterpiece philosophy to reflect the passion and love for the arts, luxury, sea and creative activities. Casa dell’Arte Hotels of Arts & Leisure include, The Residence (no children under twelve permitted), Private Villa, Luxury Family Resort and our two yachts, Casa dell’Arte 1 and II.

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