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Torba Mahallesi, İnönü Caddesi No: 66 Torba Bodrum 48400 Muğla, Turkey


The Art Department by Casa dell’Arte represents ‘Artists in Residence 2015′, (April 13- May 17)

The peninsula of Bodrum or the ancient city of Halicarnassos, is an inspiring archaeological site at the meeting point of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas with remains of Greek, Lydian and Lelegian civilizations dating back to 1100 BC.

The artists’ first trip was to the Castle of Bodrum first constructed in 1402 and the Mausoleum, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Any tourist who comes to Bodrum would visit these sights but an artist looks at them differently as they offer many perspectives on culture, memory, memorialization and display. We will be continuing our trips around the area and we are curious to see how these will inspire our upcoming residency exhibition.