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Highlight of March// Adnan Turani

Adnan Turani, Untitled, 100×100 cm. Oil on canvas.

The highlight of this month is a painting by Adnan Turani (b. 1925, Istanbul) of two women, who are musicians playing their instruments in an indoor setting.

In this painting dominated by pastel colors, one of the women stands upright in the far left playing her violin. The other woman sits in front of a large piano with her back turned to us, the viewers. The are represented in a room where the proportions of the objects are distorted, and perspective is intentionally jumbled. The boundaries between the women and the floor and the walls, for example, are unclear or seem out of proportion. The lack of details on the figures and the objects are the representative elements of Turani’s style. In his own words he says that he prefers not to mimic what he sees but rather that he chooses to paint his own vision. This way, he recreates the reality by adding his own inner feelings and he reduces the figures into their essential features by using areas of colours. In doing so, he abstracts his paintings. By the way of the distinctive colours and the simple forms he uses, Turani creates lyrical and semi-abstract scenes. With the visible and expressive sloppy brushstrokes, he creates a sense dynamism.