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Our highlight of this cold and snowy month is a painting by Kadir Akorak

Kadir Akorak, Untitled. 140x115 cm, Oil on Canvas.

Is this a painting of a break- up? A first date, or is it a dream?

Kadir Akorak is a Turkish artist, known for his poetic and fantasy paintings. Akorak's paintings receive their subject matter from his own life, from his inner world and memories. In his paintings, he represents his own recollections and create dreamy compositions.[...]

At the foreground of the painting, a woman dressed in a fancy outfit stands in a stormy outdoor setting,  looking directly at us. In the background, a man walks away from the woman, though he is turned towards her. In the background, there is a building, above whose entrance is a large advertisement panel showing the image of a couple embracing. The contrast between the two couples--one loving and the other vague at best--could lead us to think that the image on the building might be representing a fantasy of the man or the woman. The other compositional elements in the painting, such as the building behind the two figures, and the general setting are not depicted in detail, but rather they are blurred. The distortion of the main elements and figures in the painting, coupled with the ambiguity of the relationship between the man and the woman makes us wonder what the story behind the scene before us might be.